Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

This is a small personal wiki on probabilistic programming, mathematics, and computer science managed by McCoy R. Becker.

👾 What is my purpose?

Have a consistent way to keep notes on topics as I progress through my PhD. Necessarily, things may be incomplete, fragmented, etc along the way.

In addition, I'd like to experiment with encouraging myself to be an active reader by constructing explorable explanations on topics I'm curious about.

Building your own wiki

Roughly, here’s how I set this up:

  1. I used the template from Jethro Kuan’s braindump - which provides aesthetics and a non-trivial amount of JavaScript to control page layout.
  2. I investigated Hugo Cisneros’ blog setup, utilizing his graph code and Python networkx code for creating the knowledge graph.
  3. I followed Jethro Kuan’s note taking guide with org-roam, setting up Zotero + Better BibTeX.