1. (Alghamdi, Calmon) Measuring Information from Moments
  2. (Asai, Kitani) Functional Derivation of a Virtual Machine for Delimited Continuations
  3. (Chatterjee, Diaconis) The Sample Size Required in Importance Sampling
  4. (Domke) An Easy to Interpret Diagnostic for Approximate Inference: Symmetric Divergence Over Simulations
  5. (Lew, Cusumano-Towner, Sherman, Carbin, Mansinghka) Trace Types and Denotational Semantics for Sound Programmable Inference in Probabilistic Languages
  6. (Moggi) Notions of Computation and Monads
  7. (Saad, Cusumano-Towner, Mansinghka) Estimators of Entropy and Information via Inference in Probabilistic Models
  8. (Saad, Freer, Ackerman, Mansinghka) A Family of Exact Goodness-of-Fit Tests for High-Dimensional Discrete Distributions
  9. (Thorarinsdottir, Scheuerer, Heinz) Assessing the Calibration of High-Dimensional Ensemble Forecasts Using Rank Histograms
  10. A type odyssey: excursions in dependent type systems
  11. About the author
  12. Baking a pie: notes on implementing a dependently typed language
  13. Compositionality in software
  14. Delimited continuations and algebraic effects
  15. Eating a pie: notes on dependent types
  16. Effects and monads, co-effects and co-monads
  17. From definitional interpreters to native code through staging
  18. From Lisp to Haskell
  19. Functors, applicatives, and monads
  20. Gibbs sampling
  21. Importance sampling
  22. Kullback-Leibler divergence
  23. Lambda calculus, polymorphism, and type systems
  24. Markov chain Monte Carlo
  25. Metropolis-Hastings algorithm
  26. Monte Carlo methods for posterior simulation
  27. Notes on Principles of Neural Design
  28. On Ron Pressler's criticisms of dependent type systems
  29. Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo
  30. Posterior inference by grid enumeration
  31. Sequential Monte Carlo methods
  32. Single-prompt delimited continuations
  33. Thoughts on an elegant language
  34. Validating Bayesian approximate inference
  35. Variational inference
  36. What is a dependent function type?